SACRED ART collection


An Ex-Voto is a tribute to heavenly deities for a blessing or in thanks for a benediction received. In Latin Ex-Voto means "according to the vow". This ritual in exchange of a favor dates back to the Neolithic and it was very popular with archaic civilizations. When seeking divine help and protection, small symbolic objects, paintings or embroideries were crafted and then hung on the interior walls of places of worship.


In the Christian tradition, the embroideries represented Saints or the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.


angelus colection


Angelus theme embroidery kits are designed to assist in mind cleansing, solace and comfort. We strive through our proposal of angel designs, to build a spiritual bond and to feed it with positive energy.

While focusing on stitching you will connect to a good and creating energy and you will naturally enrol in a positive thinking pattern. Progressively, you will become more aware of signs and messages that lead us all to a better life.

Stitching is a means of expression that requires no commitment to any religious movement. No need for any prayers or incantation.  Instead be filled with the inner peace, happiness and profound achievement of completing a beautiful piece of embroidery.

The thread is your guide. Stitch by stitch you will give body to a new relationship with the invisible world of inspiring and blessed energy that can only be intuitively felt. You will achieve an embroidery that radiates positive energy that everyone will recognize and they can connect with.