A Philosophy

Josephine de France offers traditional embroidery kits for recreational and therapeutic use. Embroidery in addition to being a pleasant activity, helps to develop creativity, improve the ability to concentrate and manage patience. The art of needlework helps to channel positive energies and restore energy balance in one’s daily life. Through stitching one learns to clear his head and to let himself be guided by the thread, not to resist it, but to listen to it.  Our embroidery kit are designed to help soothe emotions, temper impatience and share good wishes through a symbolic piece of needlework.

The Art of feeding patience and concentration

In our present society, time is a major anxiety-provoking obsession.  Impatience and  frustration are over-nourished. People are always in hurry and have a natural inclination to dwell on the negative . On a daily basis we put ourselves under unnecessary pressure either because we always feel we are wasting time on repetitive ultra-domesticated tasks or strangely enough because we have ended up making such weird pattern our own. The art of embroidery offers a real moment of relaxation and productive concentration. The golden rule when embroidering is to think positively. You will quickly learn that without a positive mindset, you will unquestionably  ruin your needlework. Simply because the invisible tension stored within yourself will imperceptibly influence the thread and mislead the needle.  Secretly ruminating on problems creates a stress on the thread and it will eventually twist, make a knot or just snap. Your goal to achieve a nice and clean piece of embroidery is sabotaged. And the only way to make it up is to unstitch the mess and start again. 

So after several attempts, either you decide to clear your head and focus your energy on positive thinking or you end up putting your needlework aside blaming your failure on the thread’s quality, on the needle or any other embarrassing excuses. In starting a piece of embroidery you will quickly learn to take your time, to find your own pace, to let go, to relax and only focus your mind on the present time.

The art of embroidery is a playful exercise that helps to relax and improve concentration and positive thinking. Our kits are easy to complete and  they are designed for both beginners and advanced needle crafters. Our designs are pre-printed on a piece of cotton cloth and the embroidery floss, needle and easy-to-follow instructions  are included. Hand embroidery  is a pleasure, a decorative art, a therapy, a unique and privileged moment to embroider and unveil a bit of oneself and to offer it to others.